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Witschi Analyzer Q1

Witschi Analyzer Q1

The Analyzer Q1 is the ideal instrument for the efficient and fast operating in the repair service, in watch laboratories as well as for income and final control. Extensive test and measuring futures guarantee skilled trouble shooting on quartz watches. The measurement process is largely automated. The multifunctional rotating/push knob allows easy and quick parameter settings. High operating comfort is performed by the perfect and functional placement of the control panel as well as by the large LCD display. The chopping rate of the motor pulses on watches with asservissement is detected and displayed.

The measurement sequences of the Analyzer Q1 are extensively automated and the ergonomic rotary and press button allows you to make parameter settings quickly and easily. The chopping-level of motor pulses of watches or watch movements with a chopped pulse is determined by the Analyzer Q1 even when the watch case is closed. A triple-sensor picks up acoustic, capacitive and magnetic signals and long-term analyses are also possible. The results are clearly laid out on the large LCD display.

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