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MB Formula Melting Flux

MB Formula Melting Flux

This MB Formula melts brilliantly, bringing down 100% of your gold, and repairs cracked metals.

This product was invented by a chemist with the intent of yielding the most gold from filings or bench sweeps. It brings down 100% of your gold while repairing cracked metals. Also, it eliminates the time-consuming mess of removing hidden gold from borax residue.


Commonly Asked Questions?

Q: Do I mix MB Formula with borax?

A: No. It is not necessary to use borax or anything else with it. MB Formula replaces borax.


Q: I don't melt my bench sweeps; I just send it to the refiner.

A: With gold valued over $1200 per ounce, it is advantageous to have a better understanding of how much you are giving to the refiner. A melted ingot will give you a much better idea of the collected value than a jar of gold dust. Therefore, melting your bench sweeps before giving it to the refiner will help you to better estimate the outcome.


Q: Is MB Formula a refining process?

A: No. MB Formula is not a refining process. It facilitates the melting process. Whatever metals you work with that fall into your bench sweeps, is what your ingot will contain.


Q: How does MB Formula repair gold that cracks while I'm rolling it out?

A: While MB Formula was made for the purpose of facilitating melting, it was discovered that it can also repair gold that cracked while rolling wire or plate. The reason why gold may crack while rolling it is because the gold contains impurities, such as lead or iron. These impurities do not fuse with the gold, so it causes a separation which creates the crack. When the gold is re-melted with the same amount as its weight of MB Formula, the MB Formula cleans up these impurities by attaching them to it and taking them up to the slack that is left on the top of the melted old. The cleaned gold is weighed down to the bottom of the ingot mold.


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