John's Press

Watchmaker's Crystal and Case Press. No need to remove the watch band to use this press! Uses BB style dies (not included). A Cas-Ker Exclusive - you won't find this press anywhere else. Made in USA.
SKU 590.149

This unique Crystal Press was designed by John O'Neil, watchmaker, who was tired of having to take watch bands apart in order to place a watch into his BB crystal press to snap the back on after estimating the repair or when changing a battery.

The press was designed to use the dies from the BB crystal press, and was made to accept large dies for today's bigger watches. Any die with a 10mm hole that is at least 1/2" deep will fit this press.

Cas-Ker Co. is a proud distributor of John's Press, an American made Watch Case and Crystal Press that a watchmaker can use with the watch band still on the watch. Ingenious!

How to Use

No need to remove the band from the watch. Use with BB-style dies, sold separately. (See our complete selection of dies here: This well-designed press allows you to line up the notch on the lip of the back over the stem.

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