Witschi Watch Analyzer Q1

Witschi Analyzer Q1

Witschi Analyzer Q1, a leading Swiss product for professional watch testing and analysis.
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The Analyzer Q1 provides excellent measurement and testing facilities for the specialist testing and measurement of quartz watches. The Analyzer A1 is a testing device for efficient use in a repair service as well as for analyses during watch production, in watchmaking laboratories and in sales situations.

The measurement sequences of the Analyzer Q1 are extensively automated and the ergonomic rotary and press button allows you to make parameter settings quickly and easily. The chopping-level of motor pulses of watches or watch movements with a chopped pulse is determined by the Analyzer Q1 even when the watch case is closed. A triple-sensor picks up acoustic, capacitive and magnetic signals and long-term analyses are also possible. The results are clearly laid out on the large LCD display.

Art. nr.: 26.64PK

Usage principles

  • press-rotary knob
  • knobs


  • LCD graphic display
  • monochrome
  • 320 x 240 pixel
  • illuminated

Languages: German / French / English

Operating system: proprietary

Size (W x H x D): 290 x 170 x 180 mm

Weight: 2.8 kg

Result printing: label printer

Sensor technology / Measurement principle

  • acoustic
  • capacitive
  • inductive

Interfaces: RS232

Single Channel

Resolution Rate: 0.1s/d

Quartz timebase

  • Type OCXO
  • Stability +/-0.004 s/d

Measurement precision Rate +/- 0.1 s/d

Measurement range

  • Rate +/-300 s/d
  • Vibration 12'600 to 36'000 A/h

Standard Measurement modes

Measurement conditions: Measure position count: 1

Numeric Result display / Display modes

Quartz timebase

  • Type OCXO
  • Stability +/-0.004 s/d

Measurement conditions

  • Measure time: 2 s to 960 s
  • Power supply with variable voltage: 0 to 3.5 V

Watch type

  • Analog yes
  • LCD yes
  • Tuning fork no

Measurement modes

  • Magnetic signal sensor yes
  • Acoustic signal sensor yes
  • Capacitive signal sensor yes
  • Rate measurement yes
  • Consumption measurement yes
  • Motor impulse chop ratio measurement yes
  • Isolation and motor coil test yes
  • Watch battery test yes

Result display / Display modes

  • Motor impulse with LED yes
  • Numeric yes
  • Graph yes

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