Hydroflux Water Torch

The ultimate water torch system. If you need a high temperature, safe, clean, precise flame, this is the torch for you. The Hydroflux Welder unit is compact and self-contained for high performance oxide-free soldering.
SKU 140.795

HYDROFLUX Welder - The Ultimate Water Torch System

This unit is light, compact and self-contained for high performance, low maintenance, economical, trouble-free, oxide-free soldering.

Exclusive features:

  • Self-contained stainless steel gas dryer and filter, fluxing canister and drain for electrolyte.
  • Light weight torch handle for operator comfort.
  • Can be worked with two torches for “40” gauge total needle combination.
  • Flux compound level gauge. Distilled water gauge.
  • Stainless steel check valve to prevent blow-back.
  • Uses 30 - 18 gauge disposable needles.
  • Finest pin point flame for repairing 1mm hollow rope chain up to a large flame for gents’ rings.
  • Concentrated electrolyte charge eliminates frequent recharging of solutions.
  • Easy to set up and maintain. No exotic flux chemicals.
  • Complete with flux, electrolyte chemicals, extra dryer filter and needles.

Conforms with fire code restrictions prohibiting LP, LN and compressed flammable cylinders.

Replacement parts available. Call Cas-Ker at 1-800-487-0408 for needle tips, filters, connectors, handpiece, pressure switch, valves, gaskets, O-rings, as well as flux and electrolyte solutions.
Additional shipping charges apply. Shipping Weight 40 lbs.

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