Little Torch Starter Kit

"The Little Torch" lets you solder the impossible quickly and easily. Kit includes aluminum alloy torch body, 5 copper tips, 6 feet of durable hose, adapters to your regulators, and complete instructions.
SKU 140.001

Our miniature welding torch maneuvers easily in areas impossible to reach with conventional torches. Produces a perfectly controlled, stable flame hot enough to melt metals, glass and ceramics with thread thin flames up to 6300°F.

  • Color-coded oxygen and fuel gas lines and valves help prevent errors.
  • Uses acetylene, propane and propylene based fuels.
  • Welds an unlimited range of materials and brazes and solders the tiniest elements with ease.
  • Welds with incredible precision.
  • Brazes the tiniest elements with uncanny accuracy.
  • Solders hard or soft with amazing versatility. Infinite heat control at a variety of flame settings.
  • The Little Torch Starter Kit is ideal for use in the fully equipped shop.
  • Little Torch can be used with acetylene, LP gas, or hydrogen.
  • The valves, connections and hoses are all color keyed for convenience and safety.
  • Regulators and tanks may be purchased locally.

“Little Torch” Fuel Temperatures:

  • Acetylene 5900° F - 6300°F
  • Hydrogen 4850° F
  • Butane 4995° F
  • Natural Gas 4600° F
  • MAPP 5300° F
  • Propane 4780° F

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