Watch Crystal Sizes & Styles

Handy Measurement Conversions, Standard Sizes, Styles... for G-S plastic watch crystals and more.

Watch Crystal Replacement is best done by a professional watchmaker, who has the experience and expertise to avoid permanent damage to the watch.

Cas-Ker has a complete selection of all types of watch crystals: plastic, mineral glass, and sapphire; flat, domed, fancy, and magnifying. We’re your source for the tools you need for proper crystal repair, polishing, and replacement, including adhesives for glued-in crystals, crystal lifts for compression fit unbreakable crystals, and crystal presses and a complete gasket selection for gasket fit or tension ring crystals. Most crystals can be cut, shaped, or trimmed to fit specific watch cases, and we carry the tools you need for that job, too.

Many crystals can be ordered by the watch case number. For some watches, you will need to know the type, shape, and size of crystal needed. We recommend using a high quality digital caliper or the G-S Crystal Gauge for measuring the diameter and thickness of the crystal.

G-S Plastic Watch Crystals Info

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