Economy Watch Tool Kit

Watchmaker's Tool Kit

Our 19-piece Tool Kit contains a carefully curated set of the best values in watchmaking tools.


New to watchmaking? Interested in trying out a fascinating new hobby? Our Tool Kit is a great way to get started without a high-dollar investment. Our 19-piece Economy Tool Kit contains a carefully curated set of the best values in watchmaking tools, perfect to build your first watch.

λ 520.500 Watchmakers’ Screwdriver Set 

λ 590.948 Jumbo JAXA Style Case Wrench

λ 570.556 AM Brass Tweezers

λ 460.360 Eurotool End Cutter Pliers

λ 590.938 Bergeon Dial Protector

λ 590.714 Hand Setting Tool

λ 591.0345 Hand Remover 

λ 590.030 Two Movement Holders (Regular & Large)

λ 590.012 Pin Pusher Tool

λ 590.683 Watch Cushion

λ 110.291 Foredom 600 Grit Diamond Hone

λ 350.000 Compact Digital Caliper 

λ 291.568 Grobet LED Headband Magnifier

λ 421.0340A Silicone 7 High Pressure Watch Sealant

λ 540.135 Dust Blower

λ 170.093 Microfiber Polishing Cloth

λ 121.219 Superglue

λ 420.603 Rodico

λ 590.089 Case Holder

Valued at over $225 if sold separately.

Includes: Watchmakers’ Screwdriver Set, Jumbo JAXA Style Case Wrench, AM Brass Tweezers, Eurotool End Cutter Pliers, Bergeon Dial Protector, Hand Presser, Hand Remover, Two Movement Holders (Regular & Large), Pin Pusher Tool, Watch Cushion, Foredom 600 Grit Diamond Hone, Compact Digital Caliper, Grobet LED Headband Magnifier, Silicone 7 High Pressure Watch Sealant, Vigor Super Glue Pen, Rochico, Dust Blower, Microfiber Polishing Cloth.

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