Orange Flake Shellac

Orange flake shellac is sticky when heated, making it useful for holding objects. Use to cement pallet jewels and roller jewels. 6oz.
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Watchmakers use heated, sticky Orange Flake Shellac to cement pallet jewels and roller jewels.

Jewelers use Orange Flake Shellac to hold diamonds, gems, or other stone settings in place for making or repairing rings or other jewelry.

Crafters use Orange Flake Shellac as a general purpose creamy colored wood finish.

Orange flake shellac is sticky when heated, quick drying when mixed, and non waterproof. Shellac in flake form stays fresh and allows your to prepare only as much as you need. Test mixed shellac if several months old - if the applied surface is still gummy, tacky, or un-sandable after eight hours, discard and mix a fresh batch.

How to Use

Mix Orange Flake Shellac with denatured alcohol in a plastic or glass container with a tightly fitting lid. Use a dark colored container or store in a cool, dark place if a clear container is used. Soak flake shellac at room temperature in 1/2 of the total alcohol to be used for 24 hours. Stir occasionally. Add the balance of the alcohol when dissolved. Strain the mixture through a fine mesh cheese cloth to remove any impurities. Shake or stir before using.

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