Kluber Lubrication GR UT 18

Fomblin Grease Large Tube

Fomblin grease for mechanical watch parts, all types of joints, optical and micro mechanical instruments. 100 gram tube.
SKU 420.006.100

Fomblin grease for mechanical watches. Specially developed white grease for mechanical parts subject to friction of medium pressure when mineral and standard synthetic lubricants break down due to temperature changes and exposure to air. Also useful for greasing all types of joints as well as special optical and micro mechanical instruments.

Klübertemp GR UT 18 is a white, odourless high-temperature multipurpose grease based on a perfluorinated polyether (PFPE) oil and a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) thickener. The base oil viscosity works for a variety of applications over a wide operating temperature range (peak temperature 250 °C).

Won't affect most plastics and elastomers. Safe for use with a variety of component materials.

Multiple uses over a wide operating temperature range up to 250 °C.

High thermal stability.

Good resistance to aggressive media.

100 gram tube

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