Ring Bender PEPETools

This rugged Ring Shank Bending Tool from PEPETools makes easy work of all your ring bending tasks.
SKU 480.050

The Newly Redesigned Pepetools Ring Shank Bender - Made in USA.

Bend Ring-sizing stock to the curved shape of a ring shank for replacing or enlarging the existing ring shank. Make easy work of ring bending without leaving marks on the sizing stock. Gives superior results compared to ring bending pliers. Works with flat, square, or half-round ring sizing stock. Strong enough to bend material 3mm thick.

Precisely machined, made of high grade materials. Versatile and durable.

Improvements over the previous edition:

  • Machined & powder coated body
  • Hardened Dies and Post
  • Self-lubricating bronze bushings
  • Minimal maintenance with grease button
  • Mounts to the workbench with included hardware
  • Rigid handle for additional torque

How to Use

Secure Ring Bender to your work bench with the supplied bolt through the bottom threaded hole on the bender. Be sure the handle will clear the surface of the bench on the downward movement.

Center the flat surface 4-stepped die in the die holding platform. Hand-tighten screws on the sides of the platform to secure the die. Check that the die is centered and properly mounted. The bending post should not touch the sides or the grooved depressions of the die when the handle is either up or down.

Place the end of the sizing stock into the selected size on the bending die.

Bring the handle down so that the bending post makes contact with the sizing stock.

Continue feeding the sizing stock into the die with the handle in the Up position. Bring the handle down to bend the sizing stock.

The flat die is normally used for most sizing stock bending. The curved die recommended for use on half-round stock.

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