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Oscillating Weight Tool Horotec Pusher Only 590.093BQuantity
Gemstone Tester/Color Estimator Presidium 590.708Quantity
Folding Diamond Light 130.157Quantity
Spring Bar Large Double Flange 1.80mm Assortment 900.144LQuantity
Tweezers Soldering Straight 570.760Quantity
Crystal Clear Earring Box 670.203Quantity
Steam Cleaner Hoffman JEL-3 230.789Quantity
UV Adhesive Clear 120.226Quantity
Luxor Polishing Compound Yellow 470.339Quantity
Black Rouge Polish 471.464Quantity
Tweezers Steaming Forceps 10" 570.922Quantity
Zenith 101 Drizebrite Final Watch Rinse 230.029Quantity
Gemstone Identifier Presidium Refractive Index Meter II 590.730Quantity
Tweezers Soldering with Stand 570.759Quantity
Tweezers Steaming with Long Lasting Tips 570.963Quantity
Luxor Polishing Compound Grey 470.336Quantity
Tweezers with Boxwood Tips Bergeon 6571-B-1 640.6571.B.1Quantity
Gem Gauge Electronic -Presidium 340.913Quantity
Tweezers Steaming Forceps 6-1/2" 571.777Quantity
Zenith Formula 67 Watch Cleaning Solution 230.0206Quantity
Gemstone Tester Replacement Pen Probe Presidium 590.708PQuantity
Tweezers Wooden Steaming 570.924Quantity
Luxor Polishing Compound Orange 470.340Quantity
Black Rouge Polish, Large 471.465Quantity
Pocket Gem Light UV 130.390Quantity
Zenith 251 Watch Cleaning Concentrate 230.0251GQuantity
Alligator Watchstrap Closeout! Chestnut 18 L754-18Quantity
Luxor Polishing Compound Blue 470.337Quantity
Tweezers Third Hand with Round Base 540.080Quantity
Presidium Diamond Tester AC Adapter 590.891/AQuantity
Hattori VX43 Movement MVX43Quantity
Luxor Polishing Compound Red 470.341Quantity
Horizon LED Diamond Grading Lamp 130.019Quantity
Oscillating Weight Holder for Val 7750 Bolt 640.7750Quantity
Gem Computer Gauge 340.930Quantity
Watch Dip Oilers Swiss Style Set of Four 421.260Quantity
Crocodile Watchstrap Closeout! Blue 18 L745-18Quantity
Hand File Half-Round 6" Cut 4 311.116Quantity
Gemstone Dial Gauge - Presidium 340.912Quantity
Luxor Polishing Compound White 470.338Quantity
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