SUPERBRITE™ Rhodium Plating Solution

Introducing the brightest, whitest, most forgiving formulation ever! SUPERBRITE™ Rhodium Plating Solution Kit from Cohler Enterprises consists of 1/2 gram rhodium bath concentrate and 1/2 pint distilled water. No Hazardous Shipping Fee!

SKU 450.638

The key to the versatility of the new technology is the ability to plate at room temperature with a variety of plating ranges without burning the pieces or dulling the brightness. Both pen and bath SUPERBRITE™ solutions are equally bright, and when plated together on a piece of jewelry, there is no difference in the appearance. Jewelers who have been looking for a brighter rhodium will now have a complete products line that will give them that "WOW" effect. Small package allows us to ship rhodium plating solution directly to you without the hazardous materials shipping fee. Simply add the water to the concentrate and mix. Rhodium price subject to change with market fluctuations. Please call to confirm current price before ordering: 1-800-487-0408. Cannot be shipped by air.


No Hazardous Shipping Fee! Cannot be shipped by air.

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