Luminous Diamond Cut Dauphine Watch Hands

Watch Hands White Dauphine Luminous Diamond Cut Assortment

Watch Hands Assortment - Diamond Cut Dauphine with luminous strip. 18 pairs in this assortment. All white/silver color.
SKU 906.074W
Diamond Cut Dauphine watch hands have a lengthwise bevel across the face of the hand. These hands also feature a luminous rectangle centered in each hand, making hands easier to see in dark conditions. This watch hand assortment contains 18 pairs of white hour and minute hands. Yellow also available - see SKU 906.074Y. Refills available.

Hole Diameter Sizes 90 x 150, 70 x 120, and 65 x 100.

Hour and Minute Hand Lengths 9, 11, and 13 mm.

  • 906.074.01W 90x150, 13mm, white
  • 906.074.02W 90x150, 11mm, white
  • 906.074.03W 90x150, 9mm, white
  • 906.074.04W 70x120, 13mm, white
  • 906.074.05W 70x120, 11mm, white
  • 906.074.06W 70x120, 9mm, white
  • 906.074.07W 65x110, 13mm, white
  • 906.074.08W 65x110, 11mm, white
  • 906.074.09W 65x110, 9mm, white

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