Waterproof Tester Greiner Poseidon LT 100

Poseidon LT 100 - The intelligent leak tester with color display for easy operation and clear indication of the result. Call for competitive price quotation, 1.800.487.0408.
SKU 550.100
  • Automatic measurement with vacuum and pressure (-0.7 Bar to 10 Bar).
  • 12 test programs also individually programmable.
  • Serial interface for printer (such as Citizen CBM920) or PC.
  • Requires tank or pump air compressor - see the 550.101 Gast Compressor.

Color display in eight languages. Easy operation and a clear indication of test results.

How to Use

Download Greiner Vibrograf's user manual for the Poseidon here:
Maintenance Kit 550.109 cleans valves and is required to validate Greiner Vibrograf warranty on the Poseidon LT-100. Greiner Vibrograf will NOT offer warranty without purchase and use of maintenance kit.

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