Presidium Tester 590.708

Gemstone Tester/Color Estimator Presidium

Provides a quick, easy, laboratory proven way to identify diamond and separate the most popular colored gem stones from one another.
SKU 590.708

Is it a Diamond? Ruby or Garnet? Sapphire or Tanzanite? Emerald or Jadeite? The Presidium Gem Tester provides the answers. This valuable tool can eliminate human error when identifying precious gems.

The second generation of the industry’s most trusted colored gemstone tester, redesigned to be more compact, sturdy, and portable. Separates up to 16 common colored gemstones based on their thermal conductivity. New inbuilt calibration reference and adjustment delivers data on a clear analog display.

  • Tests gemstones as small as 0.02 carats with the industry’s thinnest probe tip (0.6mm).
  • Typically works on coated gemstones too.

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