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Red Rouge Polishing Powder

Grobet Polishing Powder compositions for use with hand buffs, brushes, felts and wood laps.
SKU 471.510
Red Rouge powder for platinum, gold, and silver. 1 lb.

How to Use

Mix with water or fine oil to form a paste that will impart a high luster.

Cas-Ker has a complete line of Grobet Polishing Powder Compositions available.

  • Red Rouge 471.510 for platinum, gold, and silver.
  • Tin Oxide 471.516 for lens polishing and other glassware, as well as fine steel.
  • Linde A 471.520 for precious gems, gold, silver, and more.
  • Ruby Powder 471.524 or 471.525 for a high luster on platinum, gold, steel, precious stones, pearl, ivory, horn shell and porcelain.
  • Pumice Powder 231.400, 231.401, or 231.402 for scrubbing, cleaning, or polishing

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